For Whom

Peers in Accounting Industry

Companies In Accounting Industry

Advisors/Coaches in Accounting

Accounting Influencers

Member’s Benefits

More Connections, More Reference, More Business

  • Create business opportunities for its members
  • No Charges.
  • Members mutually refer. (Opening Doors)
  • Share Accounting Intelligence/Feedback
  • Build mutually beneficial alliances
  • Recommend & Endorse members mutually.

How it Works

Connect, Refer, Recommend, Endorse

How to Apply

To apply you need to fill the form and then submit.


Once you fill the application, it will be approved by the committee.


As you will be a member of this group, you can connect with everyone and grow your business.

Managing Committee

Sia Kal

Managing Partner,


Ted Rosedale

Vice President Marketing,

Entigrity Solutions LLC

Chris Rivera

Director Client Relations,

Entigrity Solutions LLC

Shawn Parikh

Founder & CEO,

Entigrity Solutions LLC

Membership Criteria

  • This is a voluntary group managed by myCPE and it’s nominated Managing committee.
  • All the decisions with respect to this group shall be taken by myCPE and shall be final and binding.
  • Members must be of excellent moral character and have integrity.
  • Members must have a strong work ethic and a strong commitment to personal development and learning.
  • Members must be open, honest, and even vulnerable about their shortcomings, failings, and weaknesses.
  • Members must have a generous mindset and be willing to share connections, introductions, and resources.
  • Members must have a strong network in the accounting profession across the country and even globally.
  • Members must have a track record of assisting accountants and accounting firms in a tangible way.
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Membership Expectation

  • Endorse each other on social media.
  • Participate in all ON-AIM events.
  • Participate in the ON-AIM podcast.
  • Enhance peer group support and credibility.
  • Share mutually beneficial Insights and Feedback.