For Whom

Peers in Accounting Industry

Companies In Accounting Industry

Advisors/Coaches in Accounting

Accounting Influencers

Member’s Benefits

More Connections, More Reference, More Business

  • Create business opportunities for its members
  • No Charges.
  • Members mutually refer. (Opening Doors)
  • Share Accounting Intelligence/Feedback
  • Build mutually beneficial alliances
  • Recommend & Endorse members mutually.

Membership Criteria

  • This is a voluntary group managed by myCPE and it’s nominated Managing committee.
  • All the decisions with respect to this group shall be taken by myCPE and shall be final and binding.
  • Members must be of excellent moral character and have a high level of integrity.
  • Members must have a strong work ethic and a strong commitment to personal development and learning.
  • Members must be open, honest, and even vulnerable about their shortcomings, failings, and weaknesses.
  • Members must have a generous mindset and be willing to share connections, introductions, and resources.
  • Members must have a strong network in the accounting profession across the country and even globally.
  • Members must have a track record of assisting accountants and accounting firms in a tangible way.

Membership Expectation

  • Endorse each other on social media.
  • Participate in all ON-AIM events.
  • Participate in the ON-AIM podcast.
  • Enhance peer group support and credibility.
  • Share mutually beneficial Insights and Feedback.

This is a voluntary group created by my-CPE solely for the purpose of influencers to connect with each other and make gainful opportunities, information and referrals. my-CPE specifically doesn't endorse or refer to any member of the group or their services.